A Cry for Help

A Cry for Help

Hi Anthony, I just read this blog and i am very grateful for you. For the last nine months i have been in sheer agony since the man that i love, whom i lived for 4 years with left me for his ex girlfriend.

My life have been a mess from the beginning with a very dysfunctional and emotionally unstable family and a life that has constantly denied me peace and the love that i seek. The last nine months i have hoped that things will get better that god wants me to learn and he will return but now within the span of those nine months they have decided to get married soon. We have never had any issues and we both were very happy. He just said that his feeling have changed though he still loved me. His ex girlfriend dumped him 5 years ago after a [dispute] with both families.

I feel very suicidal as i really cant wake up and live like this. I am so dissapointed with my life and how it has turned out to be. All my life i have lived according to the will of god and how our parents have taught me to be. I feel like god has forsaken me. I am 25 years old and i am still just a waitress and i hate my job [because] i always get mental torture from there. My mother hates me and so I really have no one to talk to who understand what my guy meant to me as he gave all the support i needed. I am going thru [these] blogs to validate myself that it is ok for me to go if i want. I dont belong here anymore.. I have sacrificed enough, taking my soulmate away without a proper reason, i cant deal with.. I really appreciate this blog!

First of all, I want to thank you for finding the courage to reach out in your pain. Secondly, I want you to know that no one is unloved according to the souls. God’s love is unconditional and no one and nothing is excluded from that love, not even you. That is the lesson you are here to learn right now.

I have a sense of what you’re going through myself. Last December (2011) I realized I was watching every show on television that had anything to do with real estate. I even bought a couple of magazines about home plans looking for a picture of my dream home. One night I asked myself what was going on. “You’re going to be homeless,” was the answer I heard in my head.

Sure enough, four months later, I was. “Don’t worry, we’re taking care of you,” I was told by the souls. “This is all part of God’s plan for you. Your task is to learn how to trust.” I have been without a home for the last 8 months. It’s been difficult, very difficult at times, and lonely too. Just last night I found myself wishing I had my own home again.

On the flip side, I do see God’s hand in all of this too. I see in God in the people who have opened their homes to me during this time. I see God in those who seemingly betrayed me in the last 8 months as well. I see that everything that has happened to me has happened for a reason. I also know that trusting God and the souls, I have grown personally, and spiritually.

My point is that as souls we choose to come into this life to learn lessons that can only be learned through loss, and the struggle and pain that comes from that loss. “Am I lovable?” is the question you’re struggling with right now. I know how you feel, I’ve been there myself – more than once. After one break up, I found myself feeling unworthy of breathing, just like you’re feeling now.

I get it. I understand. It hurts. You’re hurting. I’m sorry you’re feeling this way. I really am.

As a medium, I hear from people who just want to be with their loved ones on the Other Side. Every day is a struggle for them to get out of bed, and when they’re able to muster up the courage to do that, they struggle to get through the day, and it repeats itself again the next day. To me, these people are heroic in their efforts, and I tell them what I’m about to tell you.

“You are here for a reason.”

There’s story about a visitor to a silversmith’s shop who watched as the artisan repeatedly plunged the metal into fire and then beat it with a hammer, until the silver was free of all impurities. “How do you know when the silver is ready?” the visitor asked. “When I look at the silver and I can see my reflection in it,” the silversmith answered.

I have heard the souls say, over and over again, that the trials we all go through are opportunities to learn lessons about love. The more we learn from those lessons, the more clearly we feel God’s love for us, allowing others to love us, and reflecting God’s love to those around us.

That’s the reason you’re here. That’s why you’re going through what you’re going through.



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