I heard from my baby!

I read We Are Never Alone – Reassuring Insights from the Other Side, by Anthony Quinata in four days – a record for me since I’m not one to read books at all. Whenever I do, it takes me weeks to finish a book!
While I was reading this book, I could not stop thinking about a pregnancy I terminated a few years ago. I gave my unborn baby a name; I had the name engraved in a church’s shrine, I got a tattoo of my baby’s name on myself with his/her due date, and I kept my baby’s sonogram. I wanted to know how my baby was, I had not stopped grieving the pregnancy termination and quite frankly, I had not forgiven myself. I had endless questions for him/her- I was eager to know if my baby was a boy or girl, if he/she was safe and ok, if he/she hated me or forgave me, if he/she even knew who I was. I just knew I had to contact Anthony in hopes he would tell me.
I contacted Anthony via Facebook and sure enough, he responded! I was surprised by his quick response. He is a very charming and might I add funny persona. He was honest, and clear, from the very beginning and kindly accommodated me in his schedule.
I was anxiously waiting for my session, every day I was praying and asking my baby to please speak to me through Anthony. The day came, and to my surprise, before we even began our session, Anthony asked me if I had a daughter that has crossed over. I could not hold back my tears, I couldn’t believe that my baby, my first pregnancy, my daughter, came through and was as eager as I was to communicate with me.
Let’s just say the session with Anthony was just what I needed. He said details that no one else would even possibly know. I was continuously shocked and amused with everything he was telling me. Aside from every other soul that came through and gave me a message to give to my mom, sisters and even my partner’s sibling, I was overly happy after hearing from my baby girl.
I can’t thank Anthony enough for being so right on and giving me the sense of peace I thought I would never get. Thank you wholeheartedly, Anthony. You have a beautiful gift!