"How do I recreate Heaven on earth when my heart is broken?"

“How do I recreate Heaven on earth when my heart is broken?”

Anthony Quinata, how can you find [your] purpose when you lose someone you loved so much. I try to search from my inner self, but I feel something is blocking me due to being so heart-broken.  Still, I realize I’m going on 5 months now but the pain and broken heart lays inside me still.

I’m wanting him back so bad able to hold him, kiss him, touch him, talk to him … I know I wont be able to ever again until its my turn to go when we will be back together again.




The souls would tell you that your purpose is to recreate Heaven here on earth, for others AND yourself. They would also tell you that your MISSION now is to allow yourself time to heal.

Grief is another way of saying, “I love you.” That’s why you’ll never get over it, until you’re reunited with your loved one, on the Other Side, and you will be.

What you can do until then is take time to find one small thing you can do that brings you happiness, joy and peace, while you learn to move forward in your grief.

After you’ve found that “one small thing,” find another.

Don’t think that doing this will betray your loved one. It’s what he’d want you to do.